jenny flint is pretty hardcore i mean at some point she just had to shrug her shoulders and just go along with the whole ‘vastra is eating some guy’s intestines upstairs’ thing to the point where it became ‘i don’t have to cook dinner tonight’

Why thank you! Vastra does prefer rare steak…


I officially have a crush on Jenny Flint

Thanks, dearie! ;-)

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I adore Jenny/Vastra and would be totally up for being on staff

Oh, it’s not my group, I was just signal boosting! =D Here’s the person you’re looking for: Amelia-E-Grey


So I run a Jenny/Vastra community on and I’ve been busy so anyone want to be on the staff?

evayna asked: Jenny or Vastra?

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Please excuse the messy room, but here is my Jenny cosplay so far! The triusers and waistcoat need adjustments making, and I still need the sword and holster, but I’m very happy with it up to now! Oh, I’d also very much like a Vastra.